Upgrading Your MacBook Parts for Better Music Production Performance: What You Need to Know

Upgrading Your MacBook Parts for Better Music Production Performance: What You Need to Know

If we talk about a computer for music production, the first thing that comes to mind is the MacBook. It’s an excellent device for aspiring producers because you get an all-in-one model — you don’t need to buy a keyboard, display, and touchpad separately. And with Apple’s exclusive software, you can use your MacBook to bring out all your creative side. The only thing that might stand in the way between you and the new hit is the device’s performance. But even if you can’t buy a new laptop, you’ll always have options for better music production performance on your current MacBook.

What parts can you upgrade on your MacBook Pro

The most popular music production device is the Pro model. The main thing any content creator faces is a need for internal storage. Many people have to buy external hard drives, which is less convenient than if your MacBook Pro had more internal storage. Let’s take a look at which models of Pro have upgradable SSDs:

  • MacBook Pro 16 — pre 2015.
  • MacBook Pro 13 — up to 2017.

All newer models have an SSD that Apple soldered to the motherboard, so you can’t replace the drive with a higher-capacity one. But even in this case, you have a great option — to replace the logic board.

You can get more RAM and a more efficient CPU while upgrading the disk storage. MacBook replacement parts within the same line are interchangeable, so you can easily make the device more productive. This way, you can get a senior line processor, such as switching from Core and i5 to i7 and increasing the clock speed. Plus, you can increase the amount of RAM. If your MacBook Pro has 8 GB of RAM, you’ll want to double that.

Note that there are some limitations if you decide to replace the logic board on your MacBook Pro. If your model has an integrated graphics system, installing a logic board with a discrete graphics card will be difficult. The difference in power and voltage will cause your device not to turn on. But if you check compatibility before you upgrade your Mac, you won’t have a problem installing more performance hardware.

How you can upgrade your MacBook Air

The Air is a line of lightweight, silent laptops that have become popular with many users. These devices are suitable for different tasks, but performance is only one of their main advantages. But if you use Air and want to upgrade the parts to get more performance, you can do the following:

  1. Install a larger SSD. Unlike the Pro line, Apple did away with a separate drive starting with late 2018 models, but you can easily upgrade older versions by installing a different SSD.
  2. Replace the logic board. As with the Pro models, you can boost the performance of the MacBook Air and get a new CPU and more RAM. It is the only option for owners of Air newer than 2018 to increase the amount of internal storage.

Note that all components of the 13-inch models from mid 2013 through 2017 are interchangeable with the Air. It means you can install components from an older or newer device. In this case, the performance gains will be significant.

What about models on Apple Silicon processors?

Unfortunately, with the move to Apple-branded processors, the company has serialized many components. All of this data is on a separate chip on the motherboard. You won’t be free to swap parts on your device, so your only option will be to buy a new MacBook.

How to find reliable MacBook parts

Now that you know how to upgrade your laptop for better performance when making music, it’s worth deciding where to find parts to upgrade. Of course, you can always look for positions at various marketplaces, and you can find both details and a used MacBook from which you can get those parts.

But we do not recommend using this method for several reasons. First, you are still determining if the parts will work. You might buy a piece that will break after a while. And if you buy a used MacBook to replace components, you’re still overpaying for something you won’t use.

The most accessible and affordable option is to order parts from specialized services. One such service is Applepart.io. All electronic devices on this site are R2 compliant for reuse and resale. That is, they undergo a multi-stage test for performance and quality control. But most importantly, this is handled by service specialists, not third-party companies.

You don’t have to buy a new MacBook to get a device with better performance. If you know little secrets, you can quickly and cheaply increase the laptop’s power and continue to use it without restrictions.

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