How to motivate a child to learn music?

How to motivate a child to learn music?

Any father or mother likes their young children to have hobbies, such as dancing, reading or learning to play an instrument. Although many children are completely clear about what they like and what they don’t, others need a little push to enjoy activities that can be an essential part of their lives.

If you want to know how to motivate a child to learn music, don’t leave this content, because I will give you all the tricks you need to know on this topic.

  1. Make sure there is always music at home

To instill a love for music, it is vital that it be part of the lives of both children and their parents. When children are in the early stages of their development, it is completely normal for children’s music to play at all hours.

However, don’t limit yourself to that genre and look for songs from all types of artists, whose lyrics are age-appropriate. Explore genres and, in this way, you will be able to see what their style is and what their preferences are in this area.

  1. Tell them about the different instruments

Another good alternative to encourage curiosity about music and different musical instruments is to talk to children about the subject. Nowadays, it is very easy to find videos with which you can show how any instrument sounds. Or you can create detailed infographic slides with information about each instrument.

  1. Compose your own songs

A very simple but effective way for the little ones to feel passionate about music is to invent their own songs. There are plenty of melodies to sing that have already invented, but what is more fun than creating original and unique songs?

You can choose to create a pleasant melody to get them into the habit of brushing their teeth, to organize their toys, to get them to sleep or even to wake them up. You set the limits of your imagination. And if you’re thinking of taking your creativity to the next level, why not turn it into a business? Start by finding the perfect company name for your music venture, turning your passion into a brand that resonates with parents and children alike.

  1. Teaches you to distinguish the sounds of everyday life

Everything around us is music. From the sound of the alarm clock to the meow of a cat. When singing songs with the little ones at home, you can include all kinds of sounds.

Because? It may seem like an unimportant detail, but this will make them completely active listeners . Furthermore, if they have relative or absolute hearing, they will even be able to distinguish the notes of each sound they hear.

In short, any everyday sound is music. The sound of a traffic light, the noise of a plate when placed on a table, the chirping of birds. If you teach children to appreciate these types of sounds, you will make a lot of progress, especially if your children want to learn to play an instrument or dedicate themselves to music in other ways.

  1. Play instruments together

It is usually normal for parents to wait for their children to learn to play an instrument at school or to enroll them in music academies or conservatories. However, you can start teaching that love of music at home much earlier. There is nothing like motivating a child to learn music without giving up spending quality time with them!

Music is a game, and from the time they are very young, you can already integrate small instruments, such as Cello, Viola or Violin, among their toys. As time goes by, you can opt for other instruments, such as small keyboards or even a ukulele or drums.

The important thing is that they learn unconsciously while having fun playing , singing and creating moments around music.

  1. Listen to live music

If you like music, don’t hesitate to go to live concerts with your children , whatever age they are. It is better to start early, since then they will get used to enjoying music and these types of environments, whether they are outdoor concerts or indoors.

During live performances, we are sure that you will fall in love with the sound of the different instruments , learning very quickly to distinguish them all. Don’t you think it’s a nice way to motivate a child to learn music?

  1. Dance to the rhythm of the music

Another thing you can do to motivate a child to learn music, which is undoubtedly fun, is to dance and move to the rhythm of music with your children . You can do it even when they are babies and continue with this routine as the years go by, even creating your own choreographies.

In this way, they will discover for themselves and through the game how to follow the rhythm and pay attention to all the details of any melody or song.

You can also learn about the history of instruments such as the trumpet , saxophone, guitar or teach them about the ukulele or clarinet.

  1. Let them experiment

Last but not least, when motivating a child to learn music, let them explore on their own and make noise. A lot of noise!

Let them sing, dance, play instruments or simply bang on pots, pans or other household items. During these moments you can take the opportunity to teach them to control rhythm, volume or time, while encouraging their creativity by not setting limits.

  1. Tricks to encourage children to learn music

Now that you know how to motivate children to learn music, how about you start putting all our tips into practice? Remember that on our blog, you can find much more content about music and musical instruments.

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