How Online Learning is Shaping the Future of Music Education and Performance

How Online Learning is Shaping the Future of Music Education and Performance

How Online Learning Is Shaping the Future of Music Education and Performance Photo by Julia M Cameron Online learning has become a popular way to teach and educate those wanting to learn a new skill. It seems it wasn’t that long ago that you needed to look for local places within your area to take a class. Driving to a teacher’s house for your music lesson took up more time, and sometimes you’d miss it due to bad weather and fall behind in your progress.

Now, millions of music classes are available by doing a quick online search. You can find different curriculums centered around the music subjects you care about, like learning an instrument, singing, music theory, and performance.

The COVID-19 pandemic made it challenging for music educators in particular because they could no longer work in person with their students, and there was a lot of worry and uncertainty surrounding the future of music education and performance.  Online technologies opened a new door for students to continue learning and stay caught up.

So how is online learning shaping the future of music education and performance? Read on to  examine the benefits of online learning and what it can do for students and teachers within the music industry.

More Time for Review

It’s no surprise that students learn at different levels and paces. A benefit of online learning for music students is the ability to re-review material. Recording and playbacks are excellent tools and resources for students to allow them to go over trouble areas in a performance, look over materials that aren’t set in to help reiterate their importance, train for an exam, and more.

Simplified Lesson Planning

With the ability to quickly adjust presentations, curriculums, lessons, and more, technology allows educators to repurpose material. As you work through your training, you can see what’s working and what’s not. Then, you can quickly remove or replace facets within the lessons to be more effective and efficient.

It also saves you a lot of time by doing this online since you don’t have to worry about creating plans from scratch. And with tons of available ideas and inspiration from other teachers online, you can also reuse great ideas from other educators.

Less Pressure on Performance

For music performance in particular, working online instead of in person can help students suffering from stage fright. There’s something more comforting and secure when doing the work from home, so you don’t have to be as nervous during a performance. And you can still do it in a “live” format as you would with a concert or showcase.

Connection and Collaboration Around the World

Students can connect with people in the classroom and work with peers and educators that live around the globe. The convenience of having your pick of lesson plans and instructors helps students and teachers locate their best learning and teaching method.

You can also have a lesson whenever convenient, so online learning works around your schedule. Consider if students learn better later in the day instead of during the morning hours and have the option for an afternoon lesson. As an instructor, you can decide when is the best time(s) for you to instruct throughout the day, so it’s more flexible.

Combining Learning Methods

Another incredible advantage of music education and performance online is that you can tailor teaching methods by combining different techniques. You can work with reading, writing, visual pictures, videos, and auditory ways to help your students learn more effectively.

For example, students can learn the fundamentals of music theory with an online course with a piano app. And, Music to Your Home teaches violin online through videos to help you with specific skills like finger placement and posture. Visually seeing and working with the notes, fingering, and in a technological space can be more efficient and applicable by demonstrating your knowledge to the instructor.

It’s Less Expensive

Consider if you want to take music lessons with an instructor one-on-one. Weekly classes can be expensive, and that’s not including the instrument and book costs and driving to your lesson, which equates to more gas and money.

With eLearning methods, you save yourself a lot of time from commuting and the cost of the transportation. Online has also opened up a whole new world for buying and purchasing used books at a much lower price, so you can find any books and materials you need online for cheaper.

More Learning Opportunities

Students and teachers can find advantages with more opportunities through an online learning platform. Teachers more interested in performance aspects of music can focus more exclusively on teaching that subject with different methods and instruction or choose various lessons to offer students. It provides instructors with options for making more money, too.

Also, students can choose to pick and work on more specific topics. There are many apps to help give musicians the ability to edit video and music when they perform in a technological atmosphere. Different apps also help with real-time lessons and provide other learning techniques.

Music Education and Performance for the Future

It’s shaping up to say that the future of online learning has paved the way for many new opportunities for students and teachers. It took some time, experimentation, and trial and error, but instructors and students have found numerous advantages to online classrooms that did not exist prior.

Music education has long offered students many benefits, including better academic scores, improved memory, and recall, and boosted confidence and social skills. With more options for online learning, whether a student wants to pick up a new instrument or brush up on performance, technology can help.

Students can find their best learning methods to learn skills quickly, and teachers can tailor their curriculums and lesson plans more easily to adapt to individual learning. The future paves the way for enhanced levels of understanding with the help of these online advances.

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