How Does Music Help You Concentrate When Writing

How Does Music Help You Concentrate When Writing

No matter how much you love writing, or how skilled you are at it, you’re bound to experience a lack of focus from time to time. Finding it hard to concentrate when writing can be caused by a number of reasons - noise and distractions, stress, too many hours of work, or simply having a lot of things on your mind. Luckily, music can help you regain concentration and improve your writing process significantly.

So, what’s the secret behind listening to music when writing? How does it help you concentrate better? We’ll discuss the role of music in the writing process below, so just keep reading.

When we spend a lot of time writing, our brain gets tired and starts losing focus. This goes for everyone - from students writing an essay to professionals working at Best Essays Education and similar services. Instead of having sharp and quick thoughts, we lose our ideas and forget what we wanted to write.

If this happens to you often, you should include music in your writing routine.

Music will engage your brain in an activity different from the one you’ve been previously focused on. This will stimulate the brain and help it get active once again. The stimuli that the music will send to it will act as a new generator of concentrations and give you the alertness you need to continue.

Removing Distractions

A musical approach to learning a new language can help you gain a deeper understanding of the meaning behind words. Even the hardest languages to learn are easy with this method. Same goes with writing. When you’re writing something important, like a school essay or a business report, your focus needs to be impeccable. Even the smallest distraction can make you write something that will discredit your work completely.

But, if you play suitable music while working on this writing project, you’ll notice that those distractions are being blocked out. Suddenly, you’ll stop hearing:

  • distant voices
  • car sirens
  • animal noises

Whatever it was that was ruining your concentration, music will help you remove it. You can always hire writers for essays if you still find it hard to concentrate. But you should try fighting off these noises.

Improving Your Mood

Nobody can work when they’re feeling down when they’re agitated or stressed out. Finding concentration under such circumstances is extremely difficult and can even worsen the negative emotions we’re experiencing.

But, turning to music as a solution can help you overcome this problem and get back to writing feeling better. How? Simple - music will improve your mood and help you regain the inner balance you need for proper writing.

Here’s what music can do for you:

  • help calm you down through rhythm and repetition
  • evoke happy memories and make you feel calm
  • create a comfort zone for your mind
  • help you let go of negativity

In a recent research by ResearchGate, more than 87% of people agreed that music can help them improve their mood and calm down. The only thing that you’ll need to do is choose the right type of music and make sure it makes you feel better.

Taking a Break

Working for a long period, with high intensity and extreme concentration is nearly impossible. Your mind can’t work endlessly and is bound to get tired at some point. To signalize it, it’ll start showing signs of distractedness and a need for something new to happen.

Even professional writers such as those working at Trust My Paper, report experiencing the same mechanisms of the brain. This is where music can be of great help. And, instead of ignoring your brain telling you it needs a break, you should embrace it.

Taking a quality break is crucial for effective writing. So, here’s how to do it:

  • step away from your computer and move to a quiet corner of your home or office
  • get cozy
  • prepare a glass of water or a healthy snack
  • turn on the music you wish to listen to

By stepping away from your writing, you’ll be able to take a quality break and truly get rested. This is true even if it’s just a ten-minute break. Your mind will be rested and reenergized. Once you go back to your computer your concentration will be strong once again.

What Genre of Music is Best for Concentration?

We’re all different and have different tastes in music. While some people relax while listening to classical music, others find it irritating. Therefore, it’s hard to generalize music and claim it’ll work the same on different people.

Still, some genres are said to be great at helping you concentrate so make sure you give it a go. Here they are:

  1. Classical Music

Classical music, especially instrumental tunes, is the most popular genre for concentration. The genre offers a wide variety of choices, and you can find something for your specific taste. Whether you enjoy abstract, slow, fast, with only one instrument or an entire orchestra- it’s up to you.

  1. Jazz Music

You’ll find a ton of online playlists and live broadcasts titled ‘Concentration Jazz’ or ‘Study/Work Jazz’. The smooth and non-aggressive sound of jazz might just work for you!

  1. Nature Music

Listening to the sound of nature while writing can boost your mood, focus, and even creativity.

Final Thoughts

Music can definitely help us concentrate on writing and make the most out of every writing session. It can simultaneously rest and engage our brain, helping us find the right balance of emotions and moods.

If you still haven’t tried using music for better concentration, we hope this article inspires you to do so.

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