How Do I Make My Podcast Popular

How Do I Make My Podcast Popular

Even the best podcasts don’t suddenly get a large audience. And without extensive advertising, it will never gain a sizable audience.

It’s possible that you don’t know where to begin if you’ve never promoted a podcast before.

In response, we are here. We put up this podcasting marketing guide to give new podcasters a fantastic place to start and, for seasoned podcasters, a refresher or update on podcast marketing.

Submit To Podcast Directories and Podcast Aggregators

Consider submitting your episode to directories after you record it and upload it to your hosting site. The listeners can locate, download, and subscribe to podcasts on these third-party websites.

Publishing and uploading a podcast to all podcast directories is the most effective way to increase an audience. All major podcast aggregators and other places where people listen to podcasts should have your show available.

The RSS feed connection for your podcast, provided by your podcast hosting service, is all you need to get started. After that, send this data once only to each aggregator. After that, anytime you upload a new episode, every podcast directory will automatically update.

One of the exciting podcast directories you need to be aware of is Alexa. You can transmit your podcast to Alexa in addition to listening to your favorite ones, which is a terrific way to expand your audience. To learn more about the Alexa podcast and get a head start, check out this post covers more details on this topic.

Make Use Of Video

You can gain more traction for your podcast on social media by using videos instead of just links or still photographs. The algorithms on social media platforms love video, so it is gaining much popularity.

You can adjust your material with video cuts since you can show silent emotions and storytelling signals.

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If you create video podcasts, consider posting 60-second clips from your episodes to your social media pages to attract new viewers.

If you are conducting an interview with a guest, pick a must-watch video that is inspiring, thought-provoking, or entertaining. Viewers will be more likely to finish the entire show as a result.

Analyze Your Reporting Data

Check your podcast host’s stats page to see the day and time your show receives the most downloads. If you get more downloads on Mondays than on the weekends, you could want to publish your episodes on Monday mornings instead of Friday and Saturday.

You could try experimenting if you’re just starting and have a few downloads to assess. Since podcasts are most commonly published on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, feel free to start there.

Find Your Targeted Audience Platform

Even though there are many social media platforms, a select number is best for you. So before releasing your podcast or while you are just getting started, consider your audience’s geographical region and social media preferences.

What topics does your podcast address? To whom are you speaking? Do you have a younger or older target market? They probably use Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat.

There is no doubt that your target audience uses several platforms, but you want to choose the one they are most actively using. Finding your targeted platform will help you avoid wasting time and effort on social media updates that nobody will see. Doing this can save time and focus on more important matters.

Social Media, Hashtags, And Branding

If you choose to promote your podcast on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn, you must use podcast hashtags in your postings. By using hashtags, you can expand the size of your audience and attract readers searching for that particular hashtag to your content.

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Choose a few broad hashtags branding that best describes the subjects discussed in your podcast, such as #animalovers or #funmonday.

It would be ideal if you also created a unique brand for your podcast that describes you and what you are about. A brand can help you start creating your community.

To learn more about the importance of branding, check out this Ultimate Guide to Making Your Personal Brand Stand Out. This will elaborate on the importance of personal branding and give tips on making your brand stand out.

Inviting Guests And Being A Guest

You can gain from inviting guests to your podcast. This will let you harness their already-existing audience. You can make it easier for your guest to promote your podcast by providing them with pre-written social media words and graphics.

Those who already listen to podcasts make up the best potential audience for your show. Appearing as a guest on other shows with similar audiences is a great way to network and build new relationships.

Make The Most Of YouTube And Spotify.

Utilizing the popularity of YouTube and Spotify as marketing tools for your podcast is a smart way to boost your online presence. With more than two billion monthly users, YouTube and Spotify represent a sizable potential audience for your podcast.

As a result, starting a podcast on YouTube and Spotify is a wise decision to grow your following. If you’re just starting, you can keep things simple by supplying a static image to accompany your audio episode.

Or if you are searching for a way to get your songs or podcast on Spotify playlist. Check out our unique promotion service.

Learn about SEO

If you want people to listen to your podcast, you must optimize it for search results. For both your website and the podcast, this necessitates using SEO-recommended practices.

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One of the most important SEO principles to implement for your podcast is using targeted keywords to ensure that it shows up when potential listeners conduct a topical search.

Use email marketing and giveaways.

To promote giveaways, announce upcoming podcast guests, and provide listeners with early access to new episodes, provide a sign-up link on your podcast’s website or in the episode’s show notes.

Giveaways can broaden the audience and draw in new listeners. Consider offering a service or product connected to the podcast’s content in exchange for a review of your podcast.

Maintain A Quality Content

The foundation of any podcast marketing strategy must be high-quality content. Producing high-quality content will make it easier to attract and keep listeners. This calls for engaging podcast hosts, engrossing stories, and top-notch audio production.

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Additionally, you should provide a transcript of your audio for each episode and the educational show notes that go along with each new podcast edition.


You have it now! This podcast marketing guide will assist you in turning your fledgling podcast into a must-listen podcast in no time. It’s crucial to keep in mind that the marketing of podcasts requires time and dedication.

So before implementing more ideas, try out one or two of the podcast marketing techniques from our list and pay attention to how they perform.

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