Women in Electronic Music: Beonix Festival DJs

Women in Electronic Music: Beonix Festival DJs

Cyprus is an island with rich culture, deep history and favorable climate. Each year many tourists visit its capital and coastal cities, explore the ancient, busy streets and enjoy the festive atmosphere that is filling up the air. This year Limassol will be full of a feeling of freedom and positive vibes emanating from lots of music fans who will flock to the place in September. It is due to the Beonix music festival which will take place in the old winery located in the heart of the city that will become the sacred source of that energy, transferring all the visitors to another planet for several nights long.

Many wonderful performers are coming to the event, and some of them are young women whose musical talent is already acknowledged by many. It is also worth mentioning that electronic music was first developed thanks to the efforts of their gifted female predecessors. Let’s see how women influenced the world of electronic music.

A Bit of History

Many lovers of synth, techno, trance, and house music do not even suspect who really were the first pioneers of the electronic music genre. Not only men but also women were dedicated to detailed exploration of sound and experimentations with music.

Such names as Olive Hall, Suzanne Ciani, Laurie Spiegel and Wendy Carlos are well-known to the experts in the field; however, they may be hidden from the modern community. These women did their first experiments with electronic music and left their recorded compositions to new generations.

Today electronic music festivals are full of proficient female DJs, selectors, and creators of music who developed their exclusive tunes, thus making their art distinctive. As we already mentioned, some of them will be playing at the festival in Limassol this September. So, don’t miss out!

Women Lineup at Beonix 2023

Beonix creators have already revealed some of the distinguished names of the musicians who will perform at the event. The list contains some of the female DJs who are true innovators in the genre with their unique style and sound. Here is your chance to know more about each of them.

Brina Knauss


Brina is one of the young performers who already gave many sets at the top of distinguished events. She is a former model who always had an admiration and a desire to make music and finally fully succumbed to it in 2016.

Her talent to feel the mood of her listeners helps her to capture the atmosphere and emotions and enrich her music with the necessary tunes that make the crowd jam out. Brina creates powerful, light and transformational EDM mixes that make you feel this life differently.



Anna, a Brazilian prodigy, started her career when she was 14 years old. Her music experiments led her to a combination of gentle ambient sounds with robust techno. Besides music creation, Anna is a producer who eagerly shares her knowledge with many students.

She has profound skills and a deep understanding of the industry with over 20 years of experience. Anna was on the DJ Mag North America cover and gave a live set for Cercle. Besides, last year she performed at Coachella, Awakenings Festival and other significant events.

Karla Blum


Karla is the youngest lady DJ in the electronic music festival BEONIX lineup. Born and raised in Berlin allowed her music passion to develop into a professional activity. Karla observed and absorbed all the best from the electronic music of the famous performers of those days.

She gave her first set in the Kreuzberg, a nonfunctioning factory, and it was a hit. Fans loved her dynamic beats and cosmic sounds. Since that day, Karla has played at various popular seasonal events, like Tanzhaus West and Pavoia Festival. She will prove her potential in the future; there is no doubt about that.

Luna Semara


Luna is a skillful selector, vocalist, and creator who has devoted the majority of her life to music. She has French roots and spent her childhood in the Alps. Luna managed to compose her own unique style, recognizable to fans worldwide.

She is a welcome performer at many events in Europe and a wanted collaborator for other DJs. Luna creates relaxed and tempting sounds that help the crowd to get carried away to another Universe.

Beonix Powerful Input

The electronic music festival will open its doors on September 22 and last till the 24th. Beonix attendees will hear new releases and energetic mixes from the giants of the electronic music world, along with recently revealed jewels. Do not forget to purchase the tickets while they are in stock! See you in Limassol soon!

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